ASD Nest

ASD Nest Program

 PS 112 was one of the first schools in NYC with the ASD Nest Program.  This program is the New York City Department of Education’s Integrated Co-Teaching (ICT) program for higher functioning children with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs).

  • The ASD Nest program helps children with ASD learn how to function well academically, behaviorally, and socially in school and in their community.
  • Each ASD Nest Program is integrated into the fabric of our school.
  • The goal is to provide supports within a grade-appropriate academic environment.
  • Each Nest classroom has two teachers with training in the specialized curricula, called Social Development Intervention (SDI), and instructional strategies (e.g. use of visuals to reinforce learning) used in the program.
  • ASD Nest cluster teachers foster social interactions with peers at lunchtime and support students during Specials (Science, Library, Technology, Dance, Music and Drama).
  • The providers in the ASD Nest Program (SLP, OT, PT, Social worker and APE teacher) collaborate with classroom teachers to foster generalization of learning strategies.
  • In addition, the ASD Nest Coach provides guidance and strategies to all staff and children participating in the program to facilitate learning and access to the curriculum.
  • The social worker organizes Parent Support Groups that focus on the specific needs of families raising children with ASD. 
In addition to ASD Nest Classes, PS 112 is one of four schools in NYC with an Intensive Kindergarten (IK) Program.
  • The Intensive Kindergarten is a one-year transitional class serving high functioning students with ASDs in a small class of six high functioning students with ASD, one teacher and two paraprofessionals.
  • Students in this class have the potential to learn in an ASD Nest class but may have additional needs in the areas of social development, social attention, and language development.
  • The specialized curriculum for the IK fosters social attention, language and regulation, so students develop skills needed to learn successfully in an ASD Nest Program.
  • Most students in the IK transition to an ASD Nest ICT Kindergarten class the following year.