PS112 Specialists

Specialists provide a well-rounded education to nurture students' talents, interests and strengths to succeed in a global society!



Students are exposed to a variety of dance techniques, disciplines and experiences. The dance program follows the guidelines of the NYC DOE Blueprints For the Arts: Dance.

  • Open House: Family and Friends come see the students "show off" their moves! The dance class incorporates center, across the floor and choreography- designed to promote learning that's fun for students.

  • The Nutcracker: Students learn about the "NYC Ballet George Balanchine's The Nutcracker". Excerpts from Act II are performed in the annual winter performance.

  • Yoga Series: Students learn the basis of yoga while moving through a variety of poses over a 6 week period. Strength, flexibility and relaxation are the primary focuses.

  • Spring Concert: Folk Dance! Ballroom! Musical Theater! Jazz Dance! We've done it all! Spring Concerts are fun performances for our entire school community!!


The latest Mac computers, Interactive Flat Panel Smartboards, and iPads are used to:

  • Enhance curriculum

  • Differentiate instruction to support all learning styles.

  • Develop students' Information Literacy skills as they gather information using content and web-based software and other diverse resources.

  • Develop skills needed to live in a global society:

  • Interact, collaborate and publish with peers and experts using a variety of digital environments and media.

  • Communicate information and ideas effectively to multiple audiences using a variety of media and formats.


Music at 112 is hands-on –

Students play their own instruments and work with their own written music

Music at 112 is cultural – Students engage in music from around the world, with an emphasis on the cultures where our families come from.

Music at 112 is joyous – Beyond developing music skill, early childhood music is all about creating a life-long love of music

Music at 112 is powerful – By engaging with 100% concentration and effort in practice and performances, our young musicians transform the school environment with life-changing energy.


The entire student school community utilizes the library as a focal point for thinking, collaborating, and satisfying their thirst for knowledge through research and inquiry.

Students are engaged in Information Literacy Skills which include:

  • Critical Thinking

  • Listening & speaking

  • Collaborative Discussions

  • Ethical Debates & Forming opinions



The goal of the Science lab is to create an environment of excitement and curiosity that is unique for every students' individual needs. We use a variety of strategies and materials to promote and encourage:

  • inquiry based learning

  • hands-on experiences

  • skill development

  • independent thinking

  • critical thinking

  • discussions and questioning

  • integration of other subject areas such as Math and Literacy

  • modeling of positive attitudes from teachers and other staff members

  • ownership and responsibility to be taken by the students for their class work and behavior

Banner that says gym.

Hello Everyone! Welcome to Physical Education here at PS112.

In our physical education classes students learn the value of health and fitness in their lives through a variety of different activities. Students will learn and practice various movements throughout the year that will help in their physical growth. In addition to that, students will take part in activities that work on a variety of skills like throwing, catching, as well as many other skills.

In physical education at PS112 teamwork and sportsmanship are important so students will practice treating their classmates with respect throughout all of the activities done in class.

Each child should receive or take part in 60 minutes of physical activity a day and in physical education, we help work towards that goal.