Reading Recovery

Reading Recovery is a highly effective short-term intervention. is designed for first graders who are performing well below the benchmark in reading. Students receive daily 30 minute 1 to 1 lessons with a trained Reading Recovery teacher. Since 1984 when Reading Recovery began in the United States, approximately 75% of students who complete the full 12- to 20-week intervention can meet grade-level expectations in reading.

Excerpt taken from Reading Recovery Website:

Children learn about:

  • Assembling messages
  • One to one correspondance of spoken words
  • Directional behaviors
  • Self-correcting behaviors
  • Monitoring behaviors

This student makes an error while reading. He notices his mistake by monitoring. It didn't make sense or look right. Independently he rereads and fixed his error. Ultimately, we want our children to monitor their reading. What this means they are listening to themselves and making sure what they are saying sounds right, looks right and makes sense.


Cutting up the story (which the child composed, then wrote and then reread more than once) provides the child with opportunities to relate reading to writing, writing to speaking and reading to speaking.


This student is reading with proper phrasing and fluency. The fluency of reading talks to how fast the child is reading the text. We want to avoid "slow reading", which means word by word reading. Phrasing talks to grouping words together, to make it sound like you're talking.


Children learn to identify all the letters accurately and fast. One end goal is the rapid recognition of all letters at a glance.